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Administrator, 17.04.2018

East Slovaks will start a spring season in a big style. They will step on a non-traditional, although for some of them already well-known running track so they can enjoy the Košice Runway Run 2018 with hundreds of other athletes. The landing and take-off runway of the Košice airport will be taken over by the runners on 28th April, all what we are waiting for is your registration.

Last weekend in April in East Slovakia will belong to sport. Running on the runway of the airport will write a third chapter. On the ten-kilometer-long track, professional and recreational runners will meet again and will have the choice to run five or ten kilometers. The illuminated track and perfect terrain is the ideal opportunity to literally “go” to get your own record. The main organizer of the event is Radio Košice, which has been organizing the successful Košice Night Run for several years, and is therefore a guarantee of a well-organized event.

The take-off and landing runway of the airport opens a space to the runners into which you will not normally get without a plane ticket. Likewise, the idea to turn the runway into a running track is also welcomed by the co-organizer - Kosice Airport.

"We are very excited that Radio Košice organizes for the third time the special event of Košice Runway Run at our airport. It is the only run of its kind not only in Slovakia, but throughout whole Central Europe. For us, it is also an opportunity to open a landing and takeoff runway for many people who cannot normally get to these places," said Michael Tmej, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of Kosice Airport. With one breath he adds that his airport colleagues from the Vienna airport will also enjoy the airport's run, which they liked last year. "For the first time ever, our colleagues from our partner airport in Malta are coming to enjoy the charming atmosphere of the evening run along the track," added Tmej.

The previous year exceeded expectations, more than 1,500 people joined the KOŠICE RUNWAY RUN last year. We will see what will the year 2018 bring, you can increase the number of registered users by registering at www.runwayrun.sk.

Medal, T-shirt and fly voucher
Runners will be welcomed with medals, which have a new design, as well as a technical jersey. Each registered runner will receive € 20 voucher* for air services. You can use it as a discount from the total price of the order by entering the unique code from the voucher during the reservation of the ticket at www.tripex.sk.

An attractive program for supporters will also be at the airport terminal. Organizational instructions for drivers, runners and visitors of the event will be published in the week of the event.

* A voucher of € 20 only applies when booking airline tickets online at www.tripex.com, for flights operated by Turkish Airlines and does not apply to codeshare texts. It can only be used for departures from Kosice and returning to the end of 2018.